Production from A to Z

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We carry out all the steps necessary to manufacture and market the product. From development to production, assembly and dispatch.

Our new production hall is equipped with high-tech machinery, certified lines and other departments that together offer a comprehensive service in the production of cosmetics, food supplements, veterinary products and medical devices.

All in one place with maximum time and cost savings.

We produce:

Illustration of different types of cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic products

Illustration of a box of food supplements and fruit

Food supplements

Illustration of pipette, dog and cat

Veterinary products

Medical devices

Our state-of-the-art technological facilities have several modern production lines to produce:

The variability of our machinery allows us to fill different types of packaging in desired volumes:

Illustration of a tube packaging


Illustration of a cosmetic jar packaging


Illustration of a bottle packaging


Illustration of a pump packaging


Illustration of a cosmetic container with mechanical dispenser

Mechanical dispensers

Illustration of an airless cosmetic container

Airless packaging

Illustration of a doypack packaging


Illustration of sachets


Illustration of a canister packaging


We provide:

We offer production in the range of complex production activities or in the realization of selected parts.

Each step of production is controlled by the company's software, which ensures the smooth running of the entire process.

We understand the diversity of our customers' needs, therefore you can choose from different types of business cooperation from fully customized production to private label to sophisticated white label.

Find out which type of collaboration would suit you best
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We're in this together

Throughout the whole process of implementing your project, you will have an expert from our sales department by your side. They will familiarise you with the legal requirements, explain the production process, answer your questions and guide you through the premises where the product will be created. Partnership and open communication with the client is one of the cornerstones of our way of working.

Graph of the order flow through the company

Every step under supervision

A sophisticated quality control system oversees all phases of pre-production, production and post-production. The control mechanisms take place at three levels. Input during the receipt of raw materials, packaging materials and compatibility testing, through the control of production and internal processes, to the control of the output of finished products and the handover of the goods for dispatch to the client.

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Production is carried out in accordance with quality management standards:

logos of the certifications Naturfyt Bio has obtained – International Organization for Standardization, LL-C Certifikace, Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

We are always within reach. Contact us with your enquiry or for a non-binding quotation.

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