Custom production of cosmetics

We are your reliable partner for the production of natural and hemp cosmetics, food supplements, veterinary products and medical devices.


The synergy of nature and science

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We custom manufacture original products that customers keep coming back to.

We combine five elements that are important for a high-quality product – scientific knowledge, modern technology, the extensive expertise of our own R&D department, natural resources and functional raw materials.

All in one place

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We develop our own formulas and help improve yours. We manufacture, fill, label, assemble and prepare products for shipment. We offer you all production steps under one roof.

Each step is supervised by experienced staff. We know how to create products economically, efficiently and honestly. We have been doing so for over thirty years.

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We help you succeed

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Through many years in the industry, we have developed an efficient work process that allows us to produce quickly, while responding immediately to market or legislative changes, saving economic resources and being environmentally friendly. We are a qualified manufacturer and business partner to help you make your dream come true.

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We are a socially and environmentally responsible company

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Our values are based on the belief in protecting and respecting the environment. What we offer to our clients, we live ourselves. An ecological approach to life is in our DNA as well as in our company name. We respond to global environmental trends, using green and sustainable resources. We treat the environment with respect, recognising our responsibility to future generations.

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The Naturfyt team is here for you

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Whether you want to arrange a personal meeting, answer an email or ask a question over the phone, we are ready to communicate with you in the way that suits you best. On the Contacts page you will find all the contacts you need.

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“Acquisition of production technology to expand production with new types of products”

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